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Learn to Write a Song

You’ve heard music since you were just a little child, before your memory is fully formed, no doubt you’ve heard music.

But have you ever thought of writing your own?

There are many resources online to help you get started.  This wikihow entry on how to write a song is a great starting point.

You’ll need:

An instrument (you can find cheap used guitars or keyboards online)
Something to write about:  Dig deep!  Your life is full of things that could inspire a song. Your relationships, a sunrise, a dream you had one time–the possibilities are literally endless.

A note pad and a pen for writing down some song lyrics or chord changes.

If you know how to read music, that could help, but it isn’t required.  There have been plenty of musicians who have had #1 hits and millions upon millions of fans worldwide, and never knew the first thing about reading music.

Take a cue from your favorite songs and go for a similar sound.  One technique many beginners end up using is to write a song that sounds very similar to their favorite song.  Learning how to play an artist’s song and then changing small things about it is a great way to learn and understand the structure of a song.
Find like-minded friends who know how to play different instruments than you do.  Work on the song together, each contributing different ideas until you have a cohesive, well thought out song.

Be Silly

Another way to start writing a song is to make a joke song.  Weird Al Yankovich did this to great success, and has been at it for over 3 decades!  Take a popular song and change the lyrics around so that it means something very different.

Writing a song about a friend, or a pet, or any light-hearted thing is another great way to have fun and get a song written.  In the end, it’s all a having fun and using your mind to create something new and interesting.

You never know where it’ll take you…

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